Information/prices in English

Prices apply from the 1st of October 2023

Primary consultation

Kr 2.600,-

Secondary consultations

Kr 1.850,-

IVF treatment (IVF)

Includes all ultralsound examinations during stimulation, egg retrieval, embryo culture in embryoscope and the first pregnancy ultrasound. Treatment cancelled after egg retrieval is considered a treatment.

Kr 44.000,-

Package agreement, 3 IVF-treatments

Payment includes up to 3 egg retrievals, ultrasound during stimulation, embryo culture in embryoscop to blastocyst and the first pregnancy ultrasound at Livio IVF-clinic Oslo.  ICSI, cryopreservation of embryo to blastocyst and PESA/TESA is not included. Conditions:  Female age less than 39 years, satisfactory medical conditions and expected normal ovarian response at the start of the first treatment cycle.

Womans age under 39 years old: Kr 88.000,-

Womans age 39-41 years old: Kr 105.000,-

ICSI (Microinjection)

Kr 4.500,-

Cryopreservation embryo/blastocyst.

Kr 4.000,-

PESA/TESA preformed at the clinic (surgical sperm retrieval)

Kr 5.000,-

Cancelled treatment (IVF)before egg retrieval

Kr 7.000,-

Thawing cycle with blastocyst transfer 

Kr 16.000,-

Artificial insemination,  donor sperm 

Includes all relevant ultrasound examinations at Livio Oslo.

Kr 12.000,-

Artifical insemination, partners sperm

Includes all relevant ultrasound examinations and at Livio Oslo.

Kr 12.000,-

Package agreement, 4 inseminations 

Kr 36.000,-

Cancelled treatment insemination/thawing cycle of blastocyst

Kr 2.200,-

Ovarian stimulation

First ultrasound in cycle  kr 1850, then kr 1.2500/ consultation up to kr 5.600

Egg donation

Kr 90.000,-

Semen analysis

Kr 1.700,-

Semen analysis after serilization

Kr 2.100,-

Cryopreservation of sperm

Kr 4.000,-

Yearly cryo storage cost for sperm

Kr 2.500,-

Yearly cryo storage cost for frozen embryo until the age of 46 years for the woman

Kr 2.500,-

Examination of uterus (SIS)

Kr 2.300,-

Examination of the uterus and fallopian tubes (SIS + HSS)

Kr 2.700,-

Administration costs; journal printing

Kr. 300,-

Costs for medication are not included. State refunding according to present day state regulations. (Applies only to citizens living in Norway). Prices do not include costs at other institutions. In case of cancellation of an appointment please notify within 24 hours before the agreed hour, otherwise the hour will be charged.  Prices are subject to change.