Donation program


Donation is a type of assisted reproduction and an approved treatment method for infertile couples in Sweden. Donations are used for infertility due to e g lack of eggs or sperms. If an IVF-treatment has not been successful, using donations could be an alternative. Both insemination and IVF can be performed when availing oneself of donations.

The number of donors in Sweden are, unfortunately, very limited which is why the waiting period for an IVF treatment by an egg or sperm donor may be more than one year. The waiting period can be reduced if the couple recruits a donor and makes a “switch” with another couple, so called cross donation. For insemination treatment with donated sperm, all of our clinics cooperate with European Sperm Bank and the waiting periods are short.

Sweden’s only private clinic for IVF treatments with donated egg and sperm is offered at our clinic in Umeå, Livio Fertilitetscentrum (Umeå).

Short facts about donation

Egg donation means that donated eggs are fertilized by the man’s sperms. The fertilized egg is then transferred into the woman’s womb. If the woman becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby, she becomes the biological – but not the genetic – mother of the baby. Sperm donation means that the woman’s eggs are fertilized by a donor’s sperms – which have been frozen for at least six months – via insemination or in vitro fertilization. In such cases the woman becomes the genetic mother of the baby.

Donation of eggs and sperms to heterosexual couples is allowed. The receiving couple cannot, however, receive both eggs and sperms. Lesbian couples can receive donated sperms. Donation of fertilized eggs, so called embryos, is not allowed in Sweden.

The donor remains anonymous to the couple, and the couple remains anonymous to the donor. The children who have been born by egg donation or sperm donation have the right, at a mature age, to receive certain information about the donor. The donor has no obligations towards the child nor has he/she any rights with regard to the child.

Prior to availing oneself of a donation the couple undergoes a medical examination and a psychological and social evaluation. The objective is to determine how suitable the couple is as parents. Donors also go through a medical examination and a psychological evaluation before they are approved as egg donors and sperm donors.

For more information about egg donation please contact Livio Fertilitetscentrum in Umeå via phone at +46-90-785 91 59 or email us at