Our core values

Our quality policy is based on our core values:


Always considering quality is the key to successful IVF. The methods we use are proven and empirically based.

Patient focus

We consider and concern ourselves with the couple’s overall IVF-treatment experience. Our medical expertise together with our dedicated care for the couple is to create trust previous to, during and after the treatment process. Our aim is to make the couples/other customers satisfied with the care provided at the clinic, and exceed expectations when possible. Our personalized care and our availability is the key to this.

Satisfied patients are our most important ambassadors.

Work satisfaction

As a knowledge-based company the competence and dedication of our staff are the most important contributing factors to achieve the implementation of the company’s visions and goals. Knowledgeable and motivated staff makes our company viable and successful. We know that continuous personal development, capacity to perform research and a safe work environment create job satisfaction and motivation.

Our staff are to be proud of working at Livio.


The laboratory is at the heart of our operations. Our high-quality laboratory together with the competence and professionalism of our staff lead to very good results.

Our results are to be quality mark when choosing IVF-clinic.

Vison and objectives

Livio’s business idea is to offer infertile couples high-quality IVF-treatments. We are to provide the most effective treatment methods and the best results.

Our objectives are to:

  • be in the frontlines when it comes to making the latest treatment methods based on development and research available to as many people as possible
  • be the most successful and the most reputable IVF-organization in the Nordic countries
  • have strong and positive brands
  • be one of the most attractive employers in the field of IVF in Sweden

To achieve these aims we have identified several key factors, namely:

  • continuous focus on quality
  • strong engagement in research and development
  • continuing education for our staff

Our vision is to maintain our position as one of the leading IVF organizations on the European IVF-market.